Makin' The Ice Cream

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Andy Jones

A little about ammonia which we have been using as our refrigerant for the past 78 years. 

Quoted by an ammonia service contractor :

"95% of ammonia gets injected into the ground as fertilizer. Ammonia is lighter than air, so any ammonia that was discharged immediately goes upwards and does not pollute the atmosphere in any way. Breathing ammonia is not going to kill you (Otherwise we would have dead housewives and farmers everywhere). In the 90ís, Milt Garland was honored as the oldest working American (He was well into his 100s, and working 2 to 3 days a week), and he was an ammonia guy. Ammonia is not poisonous, it just smells bad and can give you a temporary burning sensation. Ammonia can be dangerous if you are in a confined area and the concentrations get too high, but any venting dissipates the ammonia rather quickly, and all you have is a smell not unlike cleaning solutions or a farmers field."